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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax (Yahoo News)

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

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Mon Jan 30, 11:37 AM ET

Duluth, MN (PRWEB) January 30, 2006 -- A group of distinguished experts and scholars, including Robert M. Bowman, James H. Fetzer, Wayne Madsen, John McMurtry, Morgan Reynolds, and Andreas von Buelow, have concluded that senior government officials have covered up crucial facts about what really happened on 9/11.

They have joined with others in common cause as members of "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" (S9/11T), because they are convinced, based on their own research, that the administration has been deceiving the nation about critical events in New York and Washington, D.C.

These experts suggest these events may have been orchestrated by elements within the administration to manipulate Americans into supporting policies at home and abroad they would never have condoned absent "another Pearl Harbor."

They believe that this White House is incapable of investigating itself and hope the possibility that Congress might hold an unaccountable administration accountable is not merely naive or wishful thinking.

They are encouraging news services around the world to secure scientific advice by taking advantage of university resources to verify or to falsify their discoveries. Extraordinary situations, they believe, require extraordinary measures.

If this were done, they contend, one of the great hoaxes of history would stand naked before the eyes of the world and its perpetrators would be clearly exposed, which may be the only hope for saving this nation from ever greater abuse.

They hope this might include The New York Times, which, in their opinion, has repeatedly failed to exercise the leadership expecedt from our nation's newspaper of record by a series of inexplicable lapses. It has failed to vigorously investigate tainted elections, lies leading to the war in Iraq, or illegal NSA spying on the American people, major unconstitutional events. In their view, The Times might compensate for its loss of stature by helping to reveal the truth about one of the great turning-point events of modern history.

Stunning as it may be to acknowledge, they observe, the government has brought but one indictment against anyone and, to the best of their knowledge, has not even reprimanded anyone for incompetence or dereliction of duty. The official conspiracy theory--that nineteen Arab hijackers under control of one man in the wilds of Afghanistan brought this about--is unsupportable by the evidential data, which they have studied. They even believe there are good reasons for suspecting that video tapes officially attributed to Osama bin Laden are not genuine.

They have found the government's own investigiation to be severely flawed. The 9/11 Commission, designated to investigate the attack, was directed by Philip Zelikow, part of the Bush transition team in the NSA sector and the co-author of a book with Condoleezza Rice. A Bush supporter and director of national security affairs, he could hardly be expected to conduct an objective and impartial investigation.

They have discovered that The 9/11 Commission Report is replete with omissions, distortions, and factual errors, which David Ray Griffin has documented in his book, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. The official report, for example, entirely ignores the collapse of WTC7, a 47-story building, which was hit by no airplanes, was only damaged by a few small fires, and fell seven hours after the attack.

Here are some of the kinds of considerations that these experts and scholar find profoundly troubling:

* In the history of structural engineering, steel-frame high-rise buildings have never been brought down due to fires either before or since 9/11, so how can fires have brought down three in one day? How is this possible?

* The BBC has reported that at least five of the nineteen alleged "hijackers" have turned up alive and well living in Saudi Arabia, yet according to the FBI, they were among those killed in the attacks. How is this possible?

* Frank DeMartini, a project manager for the WTC, said the buildings were designed with load redistribution capabilities to withstand the impact of airliners, whose effects would be like "puncturing mosquito netting with a pencil." Yet they completely collapsed. How is this possible?

* Since the melting point of steel is about 2,700*F, the temperature of jet fuel fires does not exceed 1,800*F under optimal conditions, and UL certified the steel used to 2,000*F for six hours, the buildings cannot have collapsed due to heat from the fires. How is this possible?

* Flight 77, which allegedly hit the building, left the radar screen in the vicinity of the Ohio/Kentucky border, only to "reappear" in very close proximity to the Pentagon shortly before impact. How is this possible?

* Foreign "terrorists" who were clever enough to coordinate hijacking four commercial airliners seemingly did not know that the least damage to the Pentagon would be done by hitting its west wing. How is this possible?

* Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, in an underground bunker at the White House, watched Vice President Cheney castigate a young officer for asking, as the plane drew closer and closer to the Pentagon, "Do the orders still stand?" The order cannot have been to shoot it down, but must have been the opposite. How is this possible?

* A former Inspector General for the Air Force has observed that Flight 93, which allegedly crashed in Pennsylvania, should have left debris scattered over an area less than the size of a city block; but it is scattered over an area of about eight square miles. How is this possible?

* A tape recording of interviews with air traffic controllers on duty on 9/11 was deliberately crushed, cut into very small pieces, and distributed in assorted places to insure its total destruction. How is this possible?

* The Pentagon conducted a training exercise called "MASCAL" simulating the crash of a Boeing 757 into the building on 24 October 2000, and yet Condoleezza Rice, among others, has repeatedly asserted that "no one ever imagined" a domestic airplane could be used as a weapon. How is this possible?

Their own physics research has established that only controlled demolitions are consistent with the near-gravity speed of fall and virtually symmetrical collapse of all three of the WTC buildings. While turning concrete into very fine dust, they fell straight-down into their own footprints.

These experts and scholars have found themselves obliged to conclude that the 9/11 atrocity represents an instance of the approach--which has been identified by Karl Rove, the President's closest adviser--of "creating our own reality."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Paxil/Zoloft/Celexa/Prozac/other SSRI Survivor Stories

After several months on Paxil, one day I left work to go to lunch, and did not go back. I called the regional manager and told him that I quit on voice mail. My wife came home from work, and I told her that I quit my job, just walked out. That was the craziest thing that I had ever done in my life. I found another job, doing the same line of work, and was fired (first time ever being fired) after deliberately throwing important document into my trash can, costing the company three thousand dollars. Even worse, when interviewed about it, I admitted doing it and doing it intentionally. My supervisor said "I cant believe you did that". About that time, I also decided to get a tattoo (never had one before), ran my credit card up to the max (never even used one before), dyed my hair ink black (first time dying my hair), began beating my wife (never did that before), bought a junky car for an outrageous price(out of character), and was behaving violently towards my children. After losing my job and insurance, I never went back to the physician. The doctor never suggested that I was having adverse reactions to the Paxil.

I found another job, and was fired after a week (second time being fired in 3 weeks). I was in a tailspin. I was so physically weak and mentally disarrayed that I could not get out of bed. My ex wife said something that provoked me, and I pushed her to the floor in front of my daughters. She bumped her head on the floor and lost consciousness. My girls were screaming and crying. Their once calm and collective father had become a monster. I will never forget their crying faces and voices saying "mommmmmmy, mommmmmmy". When my ex wife awakened she called the police, and stormed out of the house. After the police came and inspected the house, I packed up a suitcase and left the state to reside with my parents in another state. I dread to think of what I might have done if I stayed. I know now that I was capable of doing great harm because the SSRI medications eroded my conscience away to nothing....

Read More SSRI Survivor Stories Here

Click here to read more about the Great Fraud Involving the Approval of the Popular anti-depressant Paxil

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

SIDS is a scam to cover vaccine deaths

How Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is really just a way to brainwash the public (or do i mean sheep) into believing that vaccines are "good," that they don't kill, and that they prevent disease.

The doctors did not want to talk about her death being related in any way to the vaccine and, one after the other, refused to answer our many questions. I was repeatedly told that vaccines were for "the greater good." I was even told that loss of life through immunization was "expected" in the war against disease but these losses were considered to be at "acceptable" levels. However, this did not feel very acceptable or good to me as a mother with empty arms that ached for my child. The coroner finally told us months later that the cause of death was determined to be "SIDS" (sudden infant death syndrome), meaning "no known cause," and refused to release a copy of the autopsy report to us.

...I later learned that most vaccine-induced deaths in this country are listed as SIDS and SIDS statistics are NOT included in vaccine adverse reaction data, even if a child dies only a few hours after receiving inoculation. This data is presented to physicians and the public to reassure them that vaccines are

We are trading our children's lives to save the government money. We are told that the benefits outweigh the risks but many of the diseases that we vaccinate for are not even life threatening; however, the vaccine itself has the potential to kill.

Vaccines kill at a much higher rate than we are led to believe. We play vaccine roulette with our children's lives and we never know which child will fall victim next.

If the odds are 1 in 500 thousand for death, 1 in 100 thousand for permanent brain injury, 1 in 1700 for seizures and convulsions or one in 100 for adverse reaction, are you willing to take that chance? Are any odds acceptable enough to convince you to gamble with your child's life?

I can assure you that death from vaccination is neither quick nor painless. I helplessly watched my daughter suffer an excruciatingly slow death as she screamed and arched her back in pain, while the vaccine did as it was intended to do and assaulted her immature immune system. The poisons used as preservatives seeped through her tiny body, overwhelming her vital organs one by one until they collapsed. It is an image that will haunt me forever and I hope no other parent ever has to witness it.

A death sentence considered too inhumane for this county's most violent criminals was handed down to my beautiful, innocent, infant daughter, death by lethal injection.

The true war is not against disease; we have somehow become our own worst enemy by putting our faith in science instead of nature.

Don't be a sheep...

Read the Whole story...

Vaccine Dangers & Risks: Learn What CDC Documents and Science Really Reveal

The Danger of Vaccines, and How You Can Legally Avoid Them

yea they BRAINWASH you to beleive in something they call "SIDS"
dfyg69gogogo: so that if your one of the tens of thousands of mothers whose baby will die right after getting a vaccine they just tell you it was SIDS
JackiesA Bbeauty: thats nuts
dfyg69gogogo: and its no coincidence that the police don't investigate it either
dfyg69gogogo: i mean...they dont listen to the parents when they say "i think i was the vaccine that killed my baby"
dfyg69gogogo: cuz the head of the police department has authority to control the investigation
JackiesA Bbeauty: oooooh
dfyg69gogogo: and he is selected and appointed
dfyg69gogogo: not to investigate things like this
dfyg69gogogo: to make sure that the population is kept in total sheep-mode
JackiesA Bbeauty: yeah
dfyg69gogogo: so that everyone is like "yea yea we neeeed vaccines..." meanwhile, the whole GOAL of vaccines is to be able to put microchips into people that will be able to not only know what your thinking or where you are... but to program information into you to MAKE you act a certain way

PisforParanoidx: hmm cant really see you caring what happens to babies but i can see where your coming from with the vaccinations
dfyg69gogogo: well i hate poeple HAVING babies just for these reasons
dfyg69gogogo: b.c horrible things will probably happen to it
PisforParanoidx: i just though you hated babies
dfyg69gogogo: people who are too stupid and follow whatever doctors or whomever tell them is right for their kids should't have kids
dfyg69gogogo: and that's about 100% of the population
dfyg69gogogo: no
dfyg69gogogo: i hate poeple procreating
dfyg69gogogo: and allowing their kids to grow up possibly w/ brain damage, possibly suffering and dying, and if they pass all that...they'll have to work an 8 or 10 or 12 hour job in order to make a living anyway
dfyg69gogogo: plus people get raped
dfyg69gogogo: the chances of that are like 50%
dfyg69gogogo wants to directly connect.
PisforParanoidx is now directly connected.
PisforParanoidx: haha thats aan interesting one to throw in there
PisforParanoidx: well most people have no medical knowledge and don't know what best for their own children expecially not their first child sso theyre forced to listen to doctors to tell them whats best for their children
dfyg69gogogo: well then they are stupid
dfyg69gogogo: spend your time getting medical knowledge, not raising babies and being ignorant your whole life


Click here to read an older blog about microchips and how they ARE used today in hospitals and our pets and how they are expanding...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Stop Conservative Samuel Alito's Confirmation to the Supreme Court!

DIAL YOUR SENATORS TOLL FREE AT 877-851-6437 OR 888-355-3588
If you can't get thru, try:
Congressional Switchboard: 800-426-8073,
800-614-2803, 800-839-5276, or 888-818-6641

If you live in NY ask for Chuck Schumer's office and simply tell him to oppose Justice Alito and to speak out against him publicly because of his anti-civil rights and anti-choice record.


Orrin G. Hatch - UTAH
Charles E. Grassley - IOWA
Edward M. Kennedy - MASSACHUSETTS
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. - DELAWARE
Mike DeWine - OHIO
Herbert Kohl - WISCONSIN
Jeff Sessions - ALABAMA
Dianne Feinstein - CALIFORNIA
Lindsey Graham - SOUTH CAROLINA
Russell D. Feingold - WISCONSIN
John Cornyn - TEXAS
Sam Brownback - KANSAS
Richard J. Durbin - ILLINOIS
Tom Coburn - OKLAHOMA
Charles E. Schumer - NEW YORK

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Optimism Is the Fountain of Youth

A sunnier disposition could be the key to a happier, longer life. According to studies, optimism, or the tendency to believe that good things will happen, may reduce one's risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or other conditions.

Forty-two percent of the study group had died. Those with the highest levels of optimism at the start of the study had the lowest death rates (30 percent versus more than 57 percent in the most pessimistic group) With the other factors considered, the risk of death was 29 percent lower among those who were highly optimistic

This obvious link between physical and emotional health has a lot to do with the natural healing processes we all have, if we choose to use them. It's true, negative thoughts and emotions may eventually hurt your body in some way or another.

There is plenty of research that demonstrates the beneficial effects that positive emotions can have on your health.
A sunnier disposition can lengthen your life, regardless of age, weight or smoking habits.
Positive emotions can help you see life's bigger picture.
Laughter helps type 2 diabetics process sugar better.
Nature sounds such as birds, rainstorms, frogs or ocean waves, and various types of music, such as classical, are often used as a stress-relief tool. The sounds have a calming effect and can help patients to relax while undergoing medical procedures.
Click here to read about how the type of music you listen to could improve your health and be de-stressing.

More on all of this...

P.S. One day I will leave myspace and if you enjoy this infomation enough, you could read the sites, and then subscribe to Dr. Mercola's e-mail list instead of waiting for me to repost (or to not repost) this kind of info.

Tips on Happiness

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Five reasons to Buy Local

Local produce tastes better and its better for you.
A recent study showed that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. In a weeklong (or more) delay from harvest to dinner table, sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and produce loses its vitality. Even in California, produce may have traveled surprisingly far to get to your grocery store. Food grown in your own community was probably picked within the past day or two. It is crisp, sweet and loaded with flavor.

Local food supports local farm families.
Fewer than one million Americans now claim farming as their primary occupation (less than 1%). Farming is a vanishing lifestyle. And no wonder: the farmer today gets less than 10 cents of the retail food dollar. Local farmers who sell directly to consumers cut out the many middlemen and get full retail price for their food - which means farm families can afford to stay on the farm, doing the work they love.

Local food protects genetic diversity.
In the modern industrial agriculture system, produce varieties are chosen for their ability to ripen simultaneously and withstand harvesting equipment. Shippers demand produce with a tough skin that can survive packing, transport, and a long shelf life in the store. Only a handful of hybrid varieties of each fruit and vegetable meet those rigorous demands, so there is little genetic diversity in the plants grown. In contrast, local farmers that sell direct to you or direct to your local restaurants and grocery stores grow a huge number of varieties selected because they have the best flavors, provide a long harvest season, and come in an array of eyecatching colors. Many varieties are heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation because they taste good. These old varieties contain genetic material from hundreds or even thousands of years of human selection. They may someday provide the genes needed to adapt to a changing climate.

Local food preserves open space, and supports a clean environment.
As the value of direct-marketed fruits and vegetables increases, selling farmland for development becomes less likely. A well-managed family farm is a place where the resources of fertile soil and clean water are valued. Good stewards of the land grow cover crops that prevent erosion and replace nutrients used by their crops. Cover crops also capture emissions and help combat global warming. In addition, the patchwork of fields, hedgerows, ponds and buildings is the perfect environment for many beloved species of wildlife. That landscape will survive only as long as farms are financially viable. When you buy locally grown food, you are doing something proactive about preserving the agricultural landscape.

Local food is about the future.
By supporting local farmers today, you can help ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow, and that future generations will have access to nourishing, flavorful and abundant food.
Look for the Central Coast Buy Fresh, Buy Local label and taste the difference!

Better (and cheaper) To Green Your Diet Rather Than Your Car

It's better to green your diet than your car
17 December 2005

THINKING of helping the planet by buying an eco-friendly car? You could do more by going vegan, say Gidon Eshel and Pamela Martin of the University of Chicago.

They compared the amount of fossil fuel needed to cultivate and process various foods, including running agricultural machinery, providing food for livestock and irrigating crops. They also factored in emissions of methane and nitrous oxide produced by cows, sheep and manure treatment.

The typical US diet, about 28 per cent of which comes from animal sources, generates the equivalent of nearly 1.5 tonnes more carbon dioxide per person per year than a vegan diet with the same number of calories, say the researchers, who presented their results at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco last week.

By comparison, the difference in annual emissions between driving a typical saloon car and a hybrid car, which runs off a rechargeable battery and gasoline, is just over 1 tonne.


Junk Food Additives Harm You

Mixing the common additives aspartame an artificial sweetener and monosodium glutamate (MSG) causes nerve cell damage, say researchers at the University of Liverpool. The results from a two-year study were recently published in the journal Toxicological Sciences. The researchers found the additives were much more potent in combination with each other than on their own. Researchers were surprised to see the additives interfered with nerve signaling systems and actually stopped the nerve cells from growing. Aspartame is commonly found in diet drinks, candies and flavored medicines, while MSG is frequently found in chips, processed cheese and many processed foods.

Learn more

Scary Dangerous New Cell Phone Technology

"Think back to when you were a teenager and your mom or dad said, 'I don't want you to do this,' and you said, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' because you knew you could do it and they wouldn't know," said Graham Clarke, president of National Scientific, which makes several GPS tracking devices. "Those days are gone now, because they actually can know."

Clarke recently installed a tracking device called Followit in the Jeep Wrangler of his son, Gordon. It alerts him if Gordon, 17, has exceeded 60 mph or traveled beyond preset boundaries.

Companies are being founded whose sole purpose is to track the E911 signal and provide that to others - for a fee. This includes parents tracking children, spouses tracking spouses, care givers tracking disabled relatives, stalkers tracking victims and employers tracking employees. Some of these uses are beneficial; some, clearly, are not and amount to unauthorized surveillance of private individuals.

A future theoretical abuse of the E911 system would be retail businesses tracking nearby potential customers and sending a voice or text message offering a coupon as they approach their store location. The movements of individuals also could be recorded and entered into a profile of that individual.

Will federal investigators be allowed to retrieve information on your recent whereabouts from a private service such as uLocate, or your cellular carrier? Can the local Starbucks store send advertisements to your phone when it knows you are nearby, without your explicit permission?

Because the new electronic surveillance services are in their infancy, there are few answers, but the debate over the boundaries of privacy in a more transparent world is taking shape. Teenagers in particular tend to be skeptical of the new technology's value.

"Cellphones would lose their appeal if they became tracking devices," said Nate Bingham, 16, of Seattle. "I think if your parents really care that much, they should just put a leash on you."

Bingham's parents use an AT&T service called Find Friend that lets them see his general location when his cellphone is on, based on the company's nearest cellular tower. He said his mother at times had asked him where he was and then used the service to see if he was telling the truth. He admits to turning the phone off occasionally when he doesn't want to be found.

That won't work in the Pratt household, in Garden City, N.Y., where Jason, 13, and Ashley, 11, were given new Nextel cellphones on the condition that they be kept on at all times. With uLocate, Tom Pratt set up his account on the company's Web site to establish a "geofence" around his home and his children's school. Every time the kids leave a 400-foot radius of either place, he receives an automatic e-mail alert: "Ashley has exited Home at 08:18 AM," read a typical message recently.

Advocates of location-aware technology insist that its safety benefits such as locating a 911 caller or a stolen car outweigh the privacy issues. I certainly do!

There are a number of cell phones which include the option to disable E911 tracking. Some phones allow it to be disabled entirely. Some phones allow it to be disabled for everyone except emergency operators.'s Blog About Cell Phone Spying by Parents, Authorities, or Companies

An Activists Guide to Using Mobile Phones

Negative Ion Exposure is Beneficial

Wonder why your so refreshed when you get out of the shower? Or how when your stressed out, you feel you need to get "fresh air"? Or how people are more depressed in the winter when your inside more? Or when the sun is out until 8 pm in the summer you feel more energized and less depressed? Or how you feel bad when your stuck in a windowless, plantless room lit with artificial lights? Or how when your surrounded by computers, dryers, and other electronics, you feel "drained"?

It's because things like computers and TV's emit positive ions; atoms which have one less electron - and thus they physically "drian you" because they take energy (electrons) out of your body to become stable. Falling water, like in the shower or at the beach, emit high amounts of negative ions and your body gains energy by taking in the extra electon from negative ions that they emit.

Exposure to negative ions results in significant increases in Immunoglobin A, an important immune factor. Negative ions increase serotonin, improve metabolism.

Increased negative ion exposure can help improve sleep quality and dreaming, reduce stress, improve alertness, concentration, reaction time, mood, skin condition, healing of wounds and overall immune function.

Negative ions, the so-called "good ions" or "happy ions" because of their effects on mood, energy, libido and sense of well-being, predominate near waterfalls, on mountain tops and at the seashore as well as after storms.

So spend more time outdoors, put more plants in your house and place of work, visit the beach more often, stay in your car less, reduce TV and computer time, consider haning your clothes up to dry rather than using a dryer, and maybe even wash dishes just for the fun of it.

This information is so abundant and available all over the web, in books, and in encylopedias - look it up yourself if your more interested.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

How to Live a Happy & Healthy Vegan Diet

How to Live a Healthy Happy Vegan Diet - and never go back.

Updated with new Info, Foods, Receipes on Jan 20th 2006...

3 Good Receipe Sites:

Anyone seriously considering going vegetarian or vegan should read Vegan Outreach's Guide to Cruelty Free Eating - Many people try veganism will wind up eating white rice, white pasta, white flour bread, mostly non-organic foods, overly processed junk food with lots of salt. Many after years don't stick with it because they don't read up on it first and they fuck up and don't do it right. If you really care about stopping the cruelty on factory farms and making such a big change in your life - you owe it to yourself to spend a an hour or two reading this and other health issues with veganism. It is possible and easy to live a healthy vegan lifestyle - you just need to invest a little time at first. Go to a large health food store like Whole Foods, Wild Oats, or Wild By Nature (NOT Trader Joes - they have a shitty produce section and vegans should be eating lots of produce and less packaged foods! duh!). Cold drinks are not too good for you - they shock the body. Warm drinks are good for you - especially (organic) herbal teas... Avoid soda, diet drinks, coffee or excessive amounts of alcohol...and especially not two or more of those. They will deplete your immune system and make nutrients like calcium and magnesium less absorbable. Try to drink as clean water as possible. Penta brand water (found in health food store) is the cleanest water i've ever tasted in my life. Try it you'll see what I mean. Heating water doesn't get rid of the contaminants. Look into getting a shower filter. Showering with toxic water is like drinking 8 glasses of toxic water. The hot temperature in the shower opens your pores on your skin and you absorb all the water w/ chemicals in it. And I wondered all these years why my skin (especially on my face) feels dry when I get out of the shower and I have to put on moisturizer (non-animal tested but still)? Don't cook oils at high temperatures becasue it denatures the DNA and makes it toxic to your body (except macadamia oil - then it doesnt matter). Avoid the word "hydrogenated [oil]" very very bad for you. Look it up. Check out and subscribe to the list. I don't agree with the guys arguments that meat is OK to eat....but at least he recommends organic and also is against any pharmacutical. And he's got a lot of good other health points.

Some people wonder what I eat. There are 150 different types of fruits and vegetables! Go to a supermarket and explore the produce section! Buy Organic whenever possible because you can taste the difference and there is five times more nutrition than conventional pesticide-sprayed produce.

General Healthy eating tips i've picked up.: Don't eat fruits AND vegetables at the same meal! Many times they interfere with each other and you won't get the full benefits from each. Don't drink fruit juices! They are all pasturized, and have little to no nutritional value anyway - and they cause indigestion. Use a juicer or blender instead. First thing to do in the morning - make a fruit shake with mangos, pinneaples, raspberries (organic whenever possible) and water. Don't drink a lot of liquids while your eating a meal. You don't want to dillute the hydorcloric acid that breaks down your food properly now do you? That would not allow for optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients. Don't take vitamins! You need vitmains and minerals - but in the proportion given to us by mother nature. Not synthetically mass produced in a lab. Eat at least SOME organic, especially on the produce with the thinest skin or no skin like apples, pears, spinach, brocolli, where pesticides seeps in and kill the nutritional value of the food - and also you eat the chemicals and can get cancer eventually. Even still for optimum health even with all organic you might want to take a WHOLE FOOD* multivitamin. Look for the those words. Whole food means they extract concentrates from the food, not re-create a substance in a lab. Don't drink soymilk its too processed use rice, almond, oat, or hazlenut milk instead!


-Vegan waffles (availabe at any supermarket - labelled as 'eggless' and 'wheat-free' one brand is "Vans") w/ maple syrup, earth balance (or soy garden - again, any supermarket carries this "vegan butter"), strawberries, orange juice or chocolate soymilk or almond milk, etc.
-(Whole wheat) Bagel w/ earth balance and/or 100% fruit - jelly. With an organic apple with almond butter spread on each slice, and an orange.
-Cold cereal (i stay away from major brands that load products with sugar) w/ rice, almond, or oat milk. 90 percent of commerical cereals are vegan, however most are loaded with sugar, which is vegan for the most part, but refined sugar is basically a drug and is bad for you. Any cereal in the natural food isle such as 'Back to Nature' or 'Nature's Path' or 'Trader Joe's' brand is good or any a Whole Foods Market...
-Vegan french toast (for receipe get a vegan starter pack from Action for Animals -
-Vegan pancakes (use egg replacer in substitite. Be sure to add many fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and banannas. 100% maple syrup if possible, no sugar or chemicals. Use earth balance or soy garden for healthy alternative to butter. Don't drink too music or any orange juice it causes indigestion.
-Ricemilk/Almond Milk, banana, Green Edge powder (incl. cloraphyl, digestive enzymes, nutrients, phytonutrients, green foods, and other good health stuff) (p.s. don't drink soymilk its too processed. the only soy you eat should be organic whenever possible...edemamae, soybeans, tempeh (fermented soy), and tofu. and not 25 grams a day like the FDA says.
-Hot oatmeal (try the organic brands instead of the sugar-filled quackhead oats brand....put crushed up walnuts and some almonds in it...and flaxseed
-Plain and very cheap - Pathmark brand "Oats" in a round container - add hot water - add almonds, raisins, cinammon, flaxseed (for omega fatty acids that you won't get from fish if your vegan) (the fatty-acids necessary for proper health in GROUND* flaxseed is a lot more absorbable - a bag of a years worth is two or three dollars in a healthfood store)


-Vegan burrito (amy's brand, trader joe's, whole foods, etc) or make with Vegan ground beef, onions and/or green chile, chile powder, various beans and rice (optional) Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas
-Vegan soup (amy's minestrone or amy's no chicken noodle soup)
-Thai soup packets (like "ramen noodles" only a lot healthier)
-Sandwich w/ vegan deli slices (ham, turkey, salami, etc.) w/ kettle salt and pepper chips
-Grilled vegan cheese (tofutti or vegan singles) w/ smart bacon or another vegan bacon
-Peanut butter (or pumpkin butter, almond butter, cashew butter, etc.) and fruit jelly on whole wheat bread
-Pizza w/ soy cheese
-Deli: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Carrot Sandwich on toasted whole wheat...fruit salad and/or soy crisps on side
-Lunberg brands (just add water) rice sensations (flavors: a) thai coconut ginger, b) tomato, garlic and onion, c) giner miso, etc.)
-Simply Asia "sesame teriyaki noodle bowl" (or another flavor) ready to eat in 2 minutes
-Fantastic Always Natural Big Soup Noodle Bowl (spicy thai or another flavor)
-Health Valley low-fat vegetarian black bean soup (just add hot water)
-Pete's tofu2go ready-to-eat tofu snacks Sesame Giner or Mango Sesame (you dip it in flavored ginger soy sauce
-Chinese food (tofu and brocolli, veggi lo mein, buddhist delight, veggi soup, etc.)
-California Rolls (avocado rolls mmm taste so good, and fight prostate cancer)


-Spagetti w/ sauce - in the sauce I like to put tofurky sausages, with garlic bread
-Trader Joe's corn and bean enchilada or one of the dozens of different brands that make vegan veggi burgers on a bun, maybe with smart bacon and some veggies
-Vegan tacos (use meat alternative for the beef - in frozen food or natural foods section of any major supermarket) sometimes w/ vegetarian refried beans
-Salad w/ vegan dressing (natural foods section) w/ tofu, sunflower seeds, pinenuts, pumpkin seeds, kidney beans, carrots
-Pitas and some bean dip stuff or hummus w/ sprouts
-Vegan Chili
-Fried kale and spinach, w/ tempeh and asian sauce
-Steamed vegetables over rice
-Stuffed peppers (cook rice meat alternative crumbles in pepper, add tomato sauce)
-Get a can of white pinto beans, wash the suds off. Put a few tablespoons of coconut oil on the frying pan with one tablespoon of water and some salt (sea salt is healthier than table salt, look it up). Cook on low so it doesn't turn the oil rancid and carcinogenic! Put some spinach leaves or cut some kale off the stem and put it in. Put some garlic in with the beans. Sitr it up and when its the right temperature poor into a bowl and eat with a spoon not a fork! Sip the nice garlicy coconuty water! MMM... very good for fighting viral infections. (the healthiest kinds in order are macadamia oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil)
-Slice up some tomatoes with either kale (rich in calcium) and/or spinach leaves (rich in iron/calcium)...add whatever you any leftover rice? Preferably brown rice cuz white rice isn't too nutritious. Add whatever you want. Lentils, chickpeas, beans, mushroom? Just make sure you cut up or sqush the tomato slices so the juices get out and absorb into everything - the rice especially. Yea, you might want to do this before putting the beans in.
-Make a soup of your own! Buy some organic beets, carrots, kale, and whatever else you find in that section of the supermarket that looks healthy! Trust me it'll taste good nice and hot in a soup. Pick up some vegetable broth and add a tad of salt and some dillweed or parsley.
-Tempeh (cold or fried) with any leaves (spinach? sprouts?), sliced tomato, on organic whole wheat bread and almond butter or plain hummus spread on one side of the bread. Make sure "Organic Whole Wheat" is the first ingredient otherwise its just filler bread that "includes" whole wheat.


-Any vegan organic raw food bar
-Bananna with almond butter (and chocoalte syrup, walnuts?)
-Bananna with raspberry or blueberry jelly (100% fruit please!)
-Soy or rice ice cream "soy dream" is my favorite brand , but tofutti and soy delicious is availabe in major supermarkets as well
-Buy or bake some vegan cookies w/ a recipe found online, or buy them from a health food store, served with silk nog (vegan eggnog) or soy shake or chocolate hazelnut milk
-Fruit (apple, bannana,etc.) or veggies w/ peanut butter, pumpkin butter, almond butter, cashew butter, etc.
-Radishes or carrots or celery dipped into hummus (mashed chickpeas and tahini w/ spices -found in any supermarket, but Cedars and Three Tribe Brand suck in my opinion. I like the hummus from Trader Joes or small health food stores
-Various nuts and seeds (Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans, Walnuts, Pistachios, Brazilnuts, Hazelnuts, Macadamias, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, etc.)
-Chips and salsa or hummus!
-A slice of organic whole wheat bread w/ some Pumpkin Butter (or peanut butter, almond butter, etc.)
-Quesadilla w/ tofutti or vegan singles (soy cheese)
-Trader Joe's sell chips that taste just like Doritos. They are good without any dip and have no whey or cheese or MSG in 'em. (MSG causes MS (multiple sclerosis) and alzehimers, according to many studies.
-Roasted corn on a BBQ, dip in Earth Balance or Soy Garden (vegan healthy butters) if you choose... or shish kabobs (mushrooms, peppers, tomatos, potatoes, tofu on a stick - bbq it)
-Frozen chai soy latte (home-made) or a similar drink from Starbucks (no whipped cream)
-Fruit smoothie
-Wheatgrass shot

Tell Bank Of America to Stop Killing Kittens and Puppies!

Close Your Account and tell them why! No account? Call and complain anyway!

Bank of America
100 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC, 28255
704-386-5000 Corp HQ
800-900-9000 press *0 to get human

In their Columbia Small Cap Core Fund, Columbia Funds (Bank of America's investment division) holds nearly 300,000 shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences (stock symbol "LSRI") which they have been building up since last August. This fund is managed by Allyn Seymour, Vice President whose e-mail is and who you can reach by calling Columbia Funds directly, and asking for him.

One Financial Center
Boston, MA 02111

For a list of about one hundred email addresses for this company so you can tell them how you feel right now, visit Clicky Here also see for more companies to write to, or call.

Current Vegan Bakery / My Dream fo a Future Vegan Diner on LI

I just found this place in Babylon:


Its a vegan bakery, they offer non-vegan foods too. Its so delicious and the owners are vegan as well. They aer going completely vegan in a year or less and its good to know they offere amazing and custom made cakes and all.

My Dream: 24 Hour Vegan Diner in Central Long Island
i want to open up a 24 hour vegan diner here on long island one day that serves breakfast stuff 24 hrs... i get cravings for pancakes w/ (non-meat) sausages or bacon and belgian waffles covered in syrup at the same exact time when there is usually not much too do - like 1, 2, or 3 am... i would sooo drive there like at least once a week - esp since at night theres no traffic on the road. i think most kids wouldn't mind driving there either. i want to build this in the middle of the island like ronkonkama, medford, or hauppague so that even if you live all the way on the shore you can get there w/in 20 mins. maybe if its a success i'll help all out all you nassau kids and build another one in hicksville i hate regular diners the food is the lowest quality shit i've ever tasted. looking too meet like-minded business majors and cooks to help me in this dream.

Bush Admin Motives in the 9-11 Attackd

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE MOST EYE-OPENING VIDEO ABOUT 9-11, then order the full DVD with 3 hrs worth of evidence, and throw a movie night/diner party and show all your family/friends. The truth needs to be known.

Chemtrails Repost: Poisoning from above?

Comment: This is where I live. Chemtrail spraying occurs here non-stop and is a very heavy operation. I have numerous photos of their spraying activities in and around Chicago. Wisconsin is also sprayed very heavily. Many Chemtrail sites discuss powders containing high levels of aluminum oxide. This stuff is all over my car and it does look like rust, but that could be from simple dirt and grim.

Follow this link to watch the newscast video on NBC's webpage. Below the story are a few links about the aluminum. Oh, and I'm home sick today. Cam down with bad lung congestion and a wicked cough earlier this week when this shit appeared. Plus, Bush is in town today.....hmmm.


Strange Powder Descends On Cars
Illinois EPA Investigating

POSTED: 8:32 am CST January 6, 2006
UPDATED: 8:52 am CST January 6, 2006

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CHICAGO -- It's not your imagination if you've walked outside and noticed a rusty colored dust sprinkled all over your car.

The strange rusty powder appeared on cars in the Chicago area this week.

Angelo Mavaraganes, who runs a car repair shop on the Northwest Side, said he has seen it on at least 30 cars the last few days.

"One came from Crystal Lake, and one was from Mount Prospect, and another one from Homewood/Flossmor," Mavaraganes said.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency sent a field agent to collect evidence of the powder.

"He and myself together, we collected a sample," Mavaraganes said. "We scraped together some, I was able to amass maybe a teaspoon full in a cup, and he took it with him."

Cars at the police parking lot at Belmont and Western have the rusty powder all over them, too.

NBC5's Mary Ann Ahern said a lot of people in Chicago want to know what the stuff is that has fallen all over their cars.

"Where is this coming from? What effects is it going to have on us?" Mavaraganes asked.

Some suggested the rusty powder came with the recent rain, dirt from the southwest part of the U.S. Lab tests will tell more.

A spokesman for the Illinois EPA said the lab results on the mysterious powder should be in early next week.
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Additional links:

Chemtrails, Aluminum Powder, And A Mass Aluminum Poisoning In The UK

Aluminum Poisioning and Mind Control

Air Pollution Solutions

NJ Animals Need Re-Housing

Please repost this!!!!!!

The West Jersey Animal Shelter is closing at the end of this month. The Pennsauken, NJ shelter had it's license revoked due to unkept and dangerous conditions for the animals. There are currently 31 dogs and 5 cats on the premises that are in desperate need of adoption. If these animals are not adopted by the end of the month, they will be euthanized.

The West Jersey Animal Shelter is open for adoptions Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Phone (856) 486-2180.

Here's a couple photos of dogs and cats awaiting adoption at the shelter.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

***To repost this, hit "reply", then cut and paste the whole thing. Images will appear as HTML when you hit reply, and will reappear as actual photos once your bulletin is posted.***

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Censored Cancer Cures

Decades ago, European research scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig, a six-time Nobel Award nominee, discovered a totally natural formula. It not only protects against the development of cancer, but fights existing cancer as well. People all over the world who were diagnosed with incurable cancer and sent home to die have greatly benefited from this research and went on to lead normal lives-- thanks to this amazing formula.

After 30 years of study, Dr. Budwig observed that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was deficient in certain nutrients. It was the lack of these nutrients that allowed cancer cells to grow out of control.

By simply eating a combination of two natural and delicious foods (found on page 134) not only can cancer be prevented -- but in case after case it was actually healed! "Symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction, and diabetes were completely alleviated." Remarkably, what Dr. Budwig discovered was a totally natural way for eradicating cancer.

However, when she went to publish these results so that everyone could benefit -- she was blocked by drug manufacturers who stood to lose a lot of money. Since natural substances cannot be patented, drug companies won't make money by marketing them. For over 10 years now her methods have proved effective -- yet she is denied publication -- blocked by the giants who don't want you to read her words.

What's more, the world is full of expert minds like Dr. Budwig who have pursued cancer remedies and come up with remarkable natural formulas and diets that work for hundreds and thousands of patients. How to Fight Cancer and Win author William Fischer has studied these methods and revealed their secrets for you -- so that you or someone you love may be spared the horrors of conventional cancer treatments