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Saturday, September 09, 2006

extremely OUT OF LINE

dfyg69gogogo: u know how w/ my phone
dfyg69gogogo: i can sent text messages to landline phones?
dfyg69gogogo: and the operater just reads it off
dfyg69gogogo: how absurdly awkward do u think the operator is gonna feel when
dfyg69gogogo: if for example
dfyg69gogogo: i called your house and made the operator call your mom a jew
dfyg69gogogo: at 5 in the morning
dfyg69gogogo: the operator would HAVE to say it or they'd be fired
dfyg69gogogo: !!!
dfyg69gogogo: HAHAHA
szb1018: hahaha
szb1018: wtf
szb1018: genius
dfyg69gogogo: yea man i know
dfyg69gogogo: my mom was smokin some special stuff when she was getting knocked up w/ me
dfyg69gogogo: haha
szb1018: hahaha
dfyg69gogogo: imagine if i text message to 631.941.**** "mrs. beirle? you are a total fucking jew!"
szb1018: oh man
dfyg69gogogo: do u think they would say it?
dfyg69gogogo: especially at 5 am
dfyg69gogogo: its sooo OUT OF FUCKING LINE MAN.
dfyg69gogogo: sooooo much
dfyg69gogogo: for some reason
dfyg69gogogo: you'd wind up being grounded
dfyg69gogogo: for years even
dfyg69gogogo: even if there was no proof u knew who did it
szb1018: yeah
szb1018: that would be extreme
dfyg69gogogo: dude obviously i would NEVER be able to call ur mom at 5 am and call her a "fucking jew"
dfyg69gogogo: BUT I COULD possibly do this via third party
dfyg69gogogo: if i ever hated your guts or something
dfyg69gogogo: and i knew we'd never make up and be friends again
dfyg69gogogo: i would definately do it