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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Army's Germ Warfare Against Civilians

The Army's Germ Warfare Against Civilians

Published: November 29, 1988

The Army's biological warfare program has drawn heavy criticism in recent months.

Habitually unsafe laboratory practices, as well as plans to ship dangerous biological materials by mail, have both come under fire. Yet, not enough has been said about an activity that is just as alarming - germ warfare experimentation in which bacterial agents are sprayed directly into the air.

Since 1979, the Army has conducted more than 170 open air tests at Dugway Proving Ground, 70 miles from Salt Lake City, as part of an expanded biological warfare program. Moreover, Army officials steadfastly assert their right to test outdoors anywhere in the country, including in urban areas. The Pentagon insists -despite a pile of contrary evidence -that the tests are harmless.

The Army admits it is releasing a bacteria called Bacillus subtilis in Utah ''from time to time'' to simulate biological warfare attacks with the more lethal Bacillus anthracis, which causes anthrax. Other bacteria, including Serratia marcescens, have also been used there in open air tests.

These bacteria are the same ''simulants'' that were sprayed in cities during the 1950's and 1960's to see how well they could spread and survive. Hundreds of mock attacks were conducted, including the release of bacteria during peak travel hours in New York City's subway system and in the main terminal of Washington's National Airport.

In the late 1970's, when the tests became public knowledge, the Army insisted that they were harmless. But in 1950, one San Franciscan died and others became ill from urinary tract and heart infections after the Army sprayed Serratia marcescens on the city.

Unaware of the Army's test, doctors in San Francisco wrote about the unusual Serratia infections in a medical journal. They had never before encountered such an outbreak. Although the infections began three days after the spraying, the Army decided that the timing was ''apparently coincidental'' and that testing should continue. Neither then nor in later tests has the Army monitored the health of the people exposed.

Pentagon spokesmen testified at a Senate hearing in 1977 that open air tests were no longer taking place but that they would be resumed if the Army felt the need. It is this newly felt need that is making Utah residents, among others restless. Although Bacillus subtilis is not as dangerous as some other micro-organisms, it can cause infections and, among the very old or young and people weakened by other conditions, fatalities. The Army's denial of risk is simply not supportable.

Stranger still is the remark by an Army public affairs officer that Bacillus subtilis is not a ''genuine bacteriological agent.'' Rather, she said, it is merely a simulant that ''mimics characteristics of biological material.''

The suggestion that any bacteria are not biological material is Orwellian newspeak. Yet, it serves a purpose. A 1969 Federal law holds that the military must notify local civilian officials when tests might expose people to biological or chemical agents.

And this could easily happen. Bacteria sprayed at Dugway Proving Ground, for example, could float over the fence - as nerve gas released there in 1968 did, killing 6,000 sheep 20 miles away. Yet, county health authorities near Dugway say they have never been notified about the spraying of biological agents.

Most disturbing is the Army's claim of a right to test whenever and wherever it thinks necessary. A retired major general, William M. Creasy, commander of the testing program in the 50's and 60's, testified at a court trial in 1981 that the public was kept in the dark to avoid panic. Testing in cities was necessary, he said, because biological warfare agents are ''designed to work against people, and you have to test them in the kind of place where people live and work.''

Some may doubt that open air testing with bacteria should take place at all. But if it does, the public has a right to know what bacteria are being used, when and where. No matter how safe the Pentagon thinks its tests are, it should not use people as guinea pigs without their knowledge or consent.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Articles of Impeachment for President George W Bush members, and the millions of people who favor impeachment, have forced Congress to hold an impeachment hearing this Friday, July 25 starting at 10:00am

A number of speakers will advocate impeachment and ten members of the House Judiciary Committee are expected to speak for impeachment.

Before Friday, please call your elected U.S. House of Representatives members ( by calling the Congressional switchboard at 1-800-828-0498.

To send an email to your elected official demanding immediate action of impeachment, click this link:

Articles of Impeachment for President George W Bush
by Dennis Kucinich

Introduced in Congress June 9, 2008.

Resolved, that President George W. Bush be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate:

Articles of impeachment exhibited by the House of Representatives of the United States of America in the name of itself and of the people of the United States of America, in maintenance and support of its impeachment against President George W. Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors.

In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has committed the following abuses of power.

1. Article I - Creating a Secret Propaganda Campaign to Manufacture a False Case for War Against Iraq.
2. Article II - Falsely, Systematically, and with Criminal Intent Conflating the Attacks of September 11, 2001, With Misrepresentation of Iraq as a Security Threat as Part of Fraudulent Justification for a War of Aggression.
3. Article III - Misleading the American People and Members of Congress to Believe Iraq Possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, to Manufacture a False Case for War.
4. Article IV - Misleading the American People and Members of Congress to Believe Iraq Posed an Imminent Threat to the United States.
5. Article V - Illegally Misspending Funds to Secretly Begin a War of Aggression.
6. Article VI - Invading Iraq in Violation of the Requirements of HJRes114.
7. Article VII - Invading Iraq Absent a Declaration of War.
8. Article VIII - Invading Iraq, A Sovereign Nation, in Violation of the UN Charter.
9. Article IX - Failing to Provide Troops With Body Armor and Vehicle Armor
10. Article X - Falsifying Accounts of US Troop Deaths and Injuries for Political Purposes
11. Article XI - Establishment of Permanent U.S. Military Bases in Iraq
12. Article XII - Initiating a War Against Iraq for Control of That Nation's Natural Resources
13. Article XIII - Creating a Secret Task Force to Develop Energy and Military Policies With Respect to Iraq and Other Countries
14. Article XIV - Misprision of a Felony, Misuse and Exposure of Classified Information And Obstruction of Justice in the Matter of Valerie Plame Wilson, Clandestine Agent of the Central Intelligence Agency
15. Article XV - Providing Immunity from Prosecution for Criminal Contractors in Iraq
16. Article XVI - Reckless Misspending and Waste of U.S. Tax Dollars in Connection With Iraq and US Contractors
17. Article XVII - Illegal Detention: Detaining Indefinitely And Without Charge Persons Both U.S. Citizens and Foreign Captives
18. Article XXVIII - Torture: Secretly Authorizing, and Encouraging the Use of Torture Against Captives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Other Places, as a Matter of Official Policy
19. Article XIX - Rendition: Kidnapping People and Taking Them Against Their Will to 'Black Sites' Located in Other Nations, Including Nations Known to Practice Torture
20. Article XX - Imprisoning Children
21. Article XXI - Misleading Congress and the American People About Threats from Iran, and Supporting Terrorist Organizations Within Iran, With the Goal of Overthrowing the Iranian Government
22. Article XXII - Creating Secret Laws
23. Article XXIII - Violation of the Posse Comitatus Act
24. Article XXIV - Spying on American Citizens, Without a Court-Ordered Warrant, in Violation of the Law and the Fourth Amendment
25. Article XXV - Directing Telecommunications Companies to Create an Illegal and Unconstitutional Database of the Private Telephone Numbers and Emails of American Citizens
26. Article XXVI - Announcing the Intent to Violate Laws with Signing Statements
27. Article XXVII - Failing to Comply with Congressional Subpoenas and Instructing Former Employees Not to Comply
28. Article XVIII - Tampering with Free and Fair Elections, Corruption of the Administration of Justice
29. Article XXIX - Conspiracy to Violate the Voting Rights Act of 1965
30. Article XXX - Misleading Congress and the American People in an Attempt to Destroy Medicare
31. Article XXXI - Katrina: Failure to Plan for the Predicted Disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Failure to Respond to a Civil Emergency
32. Article XXXII - Misleading Congress and the American People, Systematically Undermining Efforts to Address Global Climate Change
33. Article XXIII - Repeatedly Ignored and Failed to Respond to High Level Intelligence Warnings of Planned Terrorist Attacks in the US, Prior to 911.
34. Article XXXIV - Obstruction of the Investigation into the Attacks of September 11, 2001
35. Article XXXV - Endangering the Health of 911 First Responders

Full articles:

Please pass this along, and only vote for those who vote to impeach Bush and his cronies.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Brother, The Big Picture by David Icke

The agenda is to create a Globally controlled fascist dictatorship with the total centralization of control including with a world army, world cashless currency, a microchipped population, run by a World Governmental body who will superseed the European Union, American Union, Pacific Union, and African Union. Why a world army there will be no one to fight?
They will fight any person's or nations that won't give over total control of their people's lives to the control of a world government.

"You know it's the agenda, when they keep coming back with it even
after people keep rejecting it
" -David Icke

Coincidence theorist - Someone who thinks the agenda is happening by accident, the result of not being able to connect all the dots for who are behind world events and why they are happening

Truth does not become error because nobody will see it - Mahatma Gandhi
Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth - Mahatm Gandhi
Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance - Albert Einstein

Big Brother, The Big Picture