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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

FDA approves injecting ID chips in patients

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the practice of injecting humans with tracking devices for medical purposes, according to a Florida company that makes the devices.

Applied Digital, maker of the implantable VeriChip for humans, announced Wednesday the FDA's approval of its technology for use in hospitals following a yearlong review by the agency.

The computer chips, which are about the size of a grain of rice, are designed to be injected into the fatty tissue of the arm. Using a special scanner, doctors and other hospital staff can fetch information from the chips, such as the patient's identity, their blood type and the details of their condition, in order to speed treatment.

The company is targeting the devices at patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other conditions requiring complex treatment.

Medical data is not stored on the devices, also known as radio frequency identification chips. Rather, it's stored in a database that links the chips' unique serial numbers with patient data. In its review, the FDA carefully studied the privacy issues around the technology, specifically the risk that medical records could be improperly disclosed, according to Applied Digital.

So far, no hospitals in the United States have placed orders for the chips, an Applied Digital representative said. So the company is planning to give away scanners, which cost $650 a piece, to 200 trauma centers around the country to jump-start the market.
The patient ID chips are taking off more quickly in other countries. In Mexico, more than 1,000 patients have been implanted with VeriChips. The Italian Ministry of Health is testing the technology in some hospitals there.

Applied Digital, based in Palm Beach, Fla., also markets the VeriChip as an authentication tool for use in building security and to complete financial transactions. The attorney general of Mexico and 200 people on his staff have already been implanted with the company's chips as part of an effort to control access to areas where confidential documents are kept.

The tags, which are inserted with a syringe, have been used to track pets and livestock for years, the company said.

Applied Digital has sold about 7,000 VeriChip devices, and approximately 1,000 have been inserted in humans, the company said in July. The company would not provide more current figures or disclose the price of the chips.


Important Talk on Peak Oil - Protest KFC this Friday!

Wednesday November 30

(Most Important SJA event ever?) Free Food +
On Wednesday, Come to Stony Brook University Student Union Room 214 from 7pm-9pm.

Learn about the dangers of the world's peak oil production - estimated by world respected geologists to be sometime 2006-2007, and estimated by world respected economists (and! oil companies, banks, our government, insurance companies) to be very likely to start a second great depression. Read about the reality of the situation, what no one is doing about it, and what you can do to protect yourself, when (not if) the oil crash hits and devastates the world economy. For more info read:

If you are skeptial, type "peak oil" into google, you'll see many mainstream media article talking about the issue. Such as this one in the San Francisco Chronicle. Please bring everyone you can.

Friday December 2nd

Protest Kentucky Fried Cruelty - @ 5:30 in Nesconset on Route 25, just one mile west of the Smithhaven mall.

Why Protest KFC?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Try the Greatest Vitamin in the World!

The Greatest Vitamin in the World was designed to nutritionally support the entire body! Unlike almost every vitamin company in the world today, we use only the highest grade Whole Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Probiotics, and Vegetable Enzymes, all in one amazing vitamin! In this bottle, we also included other critical nutrients, which are scientifically proven to help nutritionally support the body in all of the areas described below! Feel free to click on the different vitamin buttons below and truly educate yourself about our amazing product. It is unlike anything out there in the world today!

Read more / Order the Vitamin by clicking here:

"Progressive" Media Cover-Up

if you wonder why south end press, z magazine, and other "progressive" media don't cover the real 9/11 inside job about who funds them here

make sure to post that up becasue many other liberals or progressive type people will think were wackos b.c they are brainwashed as well. brainwashed by the censored magazines they read that are funded by the ford foundation and rockefellers.... the goal of them funding an established progressive media magazine like Z magazine - and to publish books like noam chomsky's "9-11" is to censor/overlook the REAL evidence and issues behind the inside job. if you can "create" the progressive attitudes towards 9-11 then the progressives will themselves, dismiss, and call crazy, anyone would talks about "conspiracy theories".

for the real story, visit

How corrupt politics prevent real cancer cures from reaching the public

Thirty-one years ago, a man wrote a book exposing the politics involved in cancer therapy. It painted a picture of a world in which an effective control for cancer existed but was outlawed because it couldn't line the pockets of the powerful pharmaceutical industry. In 31 years, little has changed...


Aspartame ban in New Mexico? Maybe...

Update: 11/28/05

New Mexico activists hope to achieve an unprecedented ban on aspartame

New Mexico may become the first state in the nation to enact an official statewide ban on the artificial sweetener aspartame, if a group of determined activists has its way. Activists there are fighting hard to ban the sale of any and all products containing the chemical sweetener, and they achieved a major victory in October when the state's Environmental Improvement Board agreed to hold hearings on a possible aspartame ban in July of 2006.

Efforts to ban aspartame in New Mexico have been spearheaded by concerned citizen Stephen Fox, who enlisted the help of numerous medical and legal experts to help him with the battle. After years of unsuccessfully trying to establish a state Nutrition Council in New Mexico – free of Food and Drug Administration limitations – to tackle issues like the dangers of artificial sweeteners, Fox has found a different path that could allow him to bring harmful food additives to the attention of the state government. That path involves using an existing state statute that prohibits the use of poisonous or deleterious food additives.

Specifically, the statute states, "A food shall be deemed to be adulterated, (1) if it contains any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious; (2) if it contains any added poisonous or added deleterious substance which is unsafe, and (3) if it consists in whole or in part of…decomposed substance, or if it is otherwise unfit." Although the statute has never been used to ban the sale of a particular food item or additive in the state, Fox and his supporters hope to convince the Environmental Improvement Board – the regulatory body with statutory control over food quality in the state – that aspartame fits the bill of a dangerous ingredient....

The byproducts of aspartame – aspartic acid and phenylalanine – are brain toxins held together by methyl alcohol, which turns into formaldehyde in the liver and can cause serious neurodegenerative damage. Reports also show that aspartame beaks down into formaldehyde at high temperatures, and many of Fox's supporters note in their letters to the board an instance in the Gulf War in which diet sodas sent to the troops were left in the sun for some time, turning them into what one physician called in her letter "formaldehyde cocktails." ...............


Update 10/8/05 New sites exposing Splenda and other AS's:

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ten Lies About Health Your Doctor Taught You

Posted Thursday, May 05, 2005 by Mike Adams

Click here for original post

Lie ..1: Prescription drugs will make you healthier.

Truth ..1: Prescription drugs only mask symptoms. They do nothing to correct the underlying biochemical causes of disease. Simultaneously, most prescription drugs cause nutritional deficiencies which lead to further progression of chronic disease.


Lie ..2: You should actively treat the swelling of sprains, strains and other injuries.

Truth ..2: Swelling is your body's natural strategy for enhancing the flow of blood and nutrients to the injured area. If drugs or hormones are used to prevent swelling, the injured tissues won't heal correctly, greatly increasing the likelihood of repeat injuries to the same area.

Lie ..3: Mammograms prevent cancer.

Truth ..3: Mammograms actually cause cancer. They dose the breast tissues with harmful radiation. Even when they spot breast cancer tumors, they aren't "preventing" breast cancer; they're merely detecting breast cancer. True prevention requires changes in food choice and lifestyle, not the use of imaging technology. See

Lie ..4: Vitamins give you "expensive urine."

Truth ..4: The most expensive urine in the world is created by taking multiple overpriced prescription drugs, not vitamins. With more than 40% of the U.S. population now on prescription drugs, the drug content in human urine is now so high that trace amounts of antidepressant drugs can be found in public water supplies. Compared to drugs, vitamins are cheap prevention.


Lie ..5: The sun will give you cancer.

Truth ..5: The sun will prevent cancer due to the creation of vitamin D by the skin. Most Americans (and Canadians and Europeans, for that matter) are deficient in vitamin D. As a result, tumor cell growth in the breast and prostate is unregulated. Sensible exposure to natural sunlight generates cancer-preventing vitamin D... at no charge! Sunburns are actually caused by nutritional deficiencies (lack of antioxidants in the skin), not by sensible exposure to sunlight.


Lie ..6: CT scans (CAT scans) are perfectly safe.

Truth ..6: CT scans expose patients to 1000 times the radiation of chest X-rays. Repeated exposure to CT scans raises a patient's cumulative radiation to levels experienced by many hydrogen bomb victims in Hiroshima. In addition, rigorous studies have concluded that CT scans offer no medical benefit whatsoever. See

Lie ..7: The U.S. health care system is the best in the world.

Truth ..7: The health of U.S. citizens is actually the worst of any industrialized nation. We pay double, triple, and even quadruple the price for prescription drugs as any other country. We also have the highest rates of obesity, Alzheimer's, cancer and diabetes, plus the highest health insurance costs in the world. The U.S. health care system ("sick care system") is so bad that people are fleeing the country to seek medical services in Asia. It's a trend called "medical tourism," and it's flourishing.


Lie ..8: All surgical procedures have been proven safe and effective.

Truth ..8: There is currently NO requirement whatsoever that surgical procedures must be either safe or effective in order to be practiced. Hundreds of thousands of medically unnecessary surgical procedures are performed each year in the U.S. alone, including hysterectomies and prostate cancer surgeries.


Lie ..9: You can get all the nutrition you need from three balanced meals a day.

Truth ..9: Today's foods are nutrient depleted, and they come from depleted soils. Processed and manufactured foods would have to be eaten at the rate of 10,000 calories a day just to meet minimum RDA requirements for basic nutrition. The only way to get adequate nutrition is to supplement with superfoods or whole food concentrates (vitamins, whole food powders, supplement capsules, etc.) along with eating healthy meals. Organizations like the AHA, however, insist that nutrient supplementation is actually bad for your health.


Lie ..10: All these lab tests are for your own good.

Truth ..10: At least half of all diagnostic tests ordered by doctors are medically unnecessary. They're often conducted merely to generate revenues for the hospital or medical group that owns the doctor's clinic. Some doctors are actually required to generate a certain dollar amount of lab test revenues in order to keep their jobs.

Funny Aim Convo 2

dfyg69gogogo: r u free
Clueless: when?
dfyg69g: now silly
dfyg69g: who the fuck makes plans in advance
dfyg69g: sorry for my langauge i just feel really strongly about this issue

GM foods Found Dangerous, Be Social With Animals to fight depression, Greenhouse Gas levels, Big Pharma: World's Greatest Threat

A few interesting things I found from the LoveEarth Network News Service (bookmark and view daily)...

1. Another study showing GM foods dangerous

A $3 million, ten-year trial of genetic modification (GM) on field peas at The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia’s national science research organization, was scrapped last week (November 18, 2005) when the GM pea caused inflammation in the lungs of mice it was fed to....

rest of the article...

2. Greenhouse-gas levels highest for 650,000 years

Climate record highlights extent of man-made change.
Michael Hopkin

Current levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are higher than at any time in the past 650,000 years, say researchers who have finished cataloguing air bubbles trapped for millennia inside Antarctic ice. The record, which extends back over the past eight ice ages, shows that today's concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane far outstrip those in the past.

click here for the rest...

3. Being Social With Animals fights Depression

Click here for the full article...

Dolphin therapy fights depression

Dolphins are increasingly being used in therapeutic treatments
Swimming with dolphins appears to help alleviate mild to moderate depression, researchers have found.
A University of Leicester team tested the effect of regular swimming sessions with dolphins on 15 depressed people in a study carried out in Honduras.

They found that symptoms improved more among this group than among another 15 who swam in the same area - but did not interact with dolphins.

The study is published in the British Medical Journal.

Animals, and especially mammals, can favourably change our social dynamic.

The North American continent is awakening to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest threat it has ever faced. Far more deadly than any terrorist activity, far more deadly than the NAZI threat of World War Two, "Big Pharma," as it is known worldwide, is an entity unto itself, larger, and more powerful, than most nations on Planet Earth - and absolutely murderous in its actions, and intent - it answers to no one. No one regulates it. No one holds it accountable. Certainly not the US FDA. Certainly not Health Canada

Thursday, November 24, 2005

World at tipping point; oil peak arrives

World at tipping point; oil peak arrives
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Associate Editor

Nov 17, 2005, 20:42

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The American empire is an energy junkie in its death throes, punching for new veins and final fixes, knowing that the supplies of its drug of choice -- cheap oil -- are virtually depleted.

According to geologist Kenneth Deffeyes, author of Beyond Oil: The View from Beyond Hubbert’s Peak, this long-anticipated world oil peak is now -- Thanksgiving 2005. The holocaust of imperial thrashing -- epitomized by the Bush administration’s Peak Oil-fueled criminal atrocities -- promises to intensify, along with the denial and cover-up.

Confirmation of Peak Oil crisis is everywhere. Oil supplies may be lower than OPEC wants to admit. The second largest oil field in the world, situated in Kuwait, is running dry. The US trade deficit just hit another all-time high.

Yet in the US, we have witnessed the spectacle of rising stocks, in response to temporary and artificially manipulated low gas prices created only by the tapping (and possible depletion) of strategic reserves.

As Mike Ruppert and the From The Wilderness team point out, in the course of their continuous tracking of Peak Oil-related news: “Even today the US media glibly lies and misleads about falling oil prices while failing to tell the American people that most of its domestic production is still shut in or that the 'falling' prices are simply a result of tapping the strategic reserves of this and other IEA countries. Both of those 'artificial' market influences will end shortly . . ."

The Gulf Coast’s energy infrastructure is not even close to repaired, and some damage is permanent. The official data on the impact from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita flies in the face of denials. How is it possible for energy prices to fall if supplies are depleted and the infrastructure to bring supplies to market remains crippled?

Outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and his likely successor, White House advisor Ben Bernanke, continue to tap-dance, admitting energy and severe trade deficit problems, and the “souring” of critical foreign investment in the US, but insist on repeating old mantras about eternal US economic and market resiliency.

How long before the trick bag of artificial market manipulations and transparent lies comes up as empty as a Caspian Basin dry hole? How long before the Plunge Protection Team fails? How much of the strategic reserves have been wasted, in order to create one last short-term illusion of cheap energy bounty?

Meanwhile, piece by piece, the White House cover-up of its 9/11-Peak Oil war falls apart. After years of intensive White House stonewalling, the Washington Post revealed documents proving that Dick Cheney's 2001 energy task force involved secret meetings with major oil company executives (Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Conoco and Shell Oil). This, along with other related scandals (falsified Iraq war intelligence, the Cheney-Libby-Rove-Plame case, 9/11, etc.) thoroughly vindicate those who have accurately chronicled it all.

When one finds Peak Oil suddenly the subject of major mainstream news (major magazine stories, daily headlines, books, and even television) and oil giants such as Chevron Texaco putting out expensive advertising and public relations about a worldwide energy shortage and Peak (without ever using the actual phrase), and urging conservation, the writing on the wall is beyond obvious. When California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (whose ties to Big Energy and Enron are well documented) is tapped for a tour of China to sell conservation, it speaks volumes. If this is the voice of Big Oil, the era of oil is over.

In a presentation for a Peak Oil-related conference, Mike Ruppert laid out in exhausting detail how the world’s key decision makers have been aware of and planning for the Peak Oil crisis as far back as the 1970s, if not even decades earlier. Broadly, these measures include, according to Ruppert:


More coal and nuclear

Suspended environmental and drilling restrictions

Protection of critical infrastructure

Strengthening and reinforcing military operations -- the suspension of Posse Comitatus

Suspension and relaxation of labor and minimum wage laws

Changing and tightening the bankruptcy laws, allowing fewer distressed consumers to discharge debts
Allowing and facilitating population reduction through famine and disease

Strengthening and giving more power to FEMA

Destroying demand through economic collapse and allocating scarce resources -- by force if necessary -- to protect the interests of the wealthiest communities and interests in the country
This destructive paradigm provides the explanation for all that has transpired: the protection of what is left for elites, and the “destruction of demand." The Bush faction. Enron. The attacks of 9/11 and the “war on terrorism." The targeting of Muslim and other ethnic populations. Afghanistan-Iraq. The USA PATRIOT Act. The Bush administration’s “let them die” response to Hurricane Katrina. Cold war with China. Bird flu and other pandemics. The looting of Social Security. War against the sick and elderly. The Medicare drug disaster. Etc.

An example of the official response in action is found in the unprecedented and disastrous energy bill quietly and enthusiastically passed by Congress in August 2005. This recipe for disaster is full of subsidies to Big Energy, offering nothing for ordinary people.

Here is yet another. Even though California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Republican Party suffered a largely humiliating election defeat in which virtually all Republican-backed state measures were rejected by voters, Proposition 80, designed to re-regulate California energy (and stop Enron-type manipulations), lost. The elites who control the electronic votes (who likely assisted his previous victory) may permit political faction change, but they will not relinquish the Peak Oil energy agenda.

What next? Whether one chooses to accept the Deffeyes Thanksgiving 2005 forecast, or a more conservative one that places Peak a few more years down the road, the crisis is now.

As pointed out by Tom Whipple of the Falls Church News: “It is nearly impossible to convince people and their elected representatives something very bad is about to happen until it actually does . . . Peak oil is yet another example of denial with potentially much more serious consequences. Nearly every unbiased observer who has looked seriously at the issue comes to the conclusion world oil production will peak within 10 years -- tops.

“There is no shortage of potential events that will lead to higher prices in the next few years. The Gulf of Mexico is not going to cool down any time soon, so we can expect each year the hurricane season will produce a succession of monster storms, some of which will once again tear up oil facilities. The overall political situation in the Middle East is deteriorating. Every month brings us closer to an event that will interrupt a significant share of production . . . Once the flow from Iran, Saudi Arabia or Venezuela is interrupted, the resulting shortages and prices will lead to the rapid formation of a consensus from the White House to the courthouse . . ."

It is this “consensus” -- the destruction that is sure to ensue -- that all people of the world must prepare for. The time for denial is over. The jig is up.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Two of my favorite fags

Two Homos Kissing Over the Infamous Moralist Anthony Comstock's Grave

Comstock, Anthony, 1844–1915, American morals crusader, b. New Canaan, Conn. He served with the Union army in the Civil War and was later active as an antiabortionist and in advocating the suppression of obscene literature. He was the author of the comprehensive New York state statute (1868) forbidding immoral works, and in 1873 he secured stricter federal postal legislation against obscene matter. That same year he organized the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice. As secretary of the society until his death, Comstock was responsible for the destruction of 160 tons of literature and pictures. For his liberal enemies he became the symbol of licensed bigotry and for his supporters the symbol of stalwart defense of conventional morals. Comstock also inspired the Watch and Ward Society of Boston.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mandatory Vaccine Bill Needs to be Stopped!!!

Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice.

-John Adams


We are, I am sorry to tell you, facing a uniquely dangerous moment in our history. An industry with more money than sense and a government with more greed than patriotism are conspiring to take away your right to control your body, keep it safe and, if harmed, seek recompense from the corporation which harmed you.

I often write to you to alert you to important health and health freedom issues. This letter is an urgent notice about an immediate threat to your well-being and your liberty. If you do nothing else to safeguard your health freedom, I urge you to take action on this issue, pass this email to everyone you know and become a source of information and strength to everyone you know. If there ever was a time for activism, this is it.

The Threat's Name? S 1873

Senator Richard Burr,, of North Carolina has introduced a bill which, if passed, means the end of health freedom, possibly the end of your health and most certainly the end of your right to a trial by a jury of your peers in the all-too-likely event that you or your child have been harmed by a vaccine. The "Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005" also takes away your right to know what you have been injected with (no disclosure, no Freedom of Information Act suits, none!) and your right to be compensated if that vaccination harms you or a loved one.

I am writing to you to ask you to take all three types of action listed below:

1. Write to your Congressmen/women to let them know that both the Senate (S1873) and House (HR3970) versions of the bill must be defeated,

2. Call Congress. The Congressional Switchboard is 1-202-225-3121. The operators will connect you with your congressional delegation when you tell them your zip code.

3. Call the White House. Their number is 1-202-456-1414.

Tell the people you speak to that you are adamantly opposed to S1873 and HR3970 since vaccines are dangerous and compulsory vaccination violates your personal rights to self determination. Further, you flatly reject the creation of a secret agency which would operate without public oversight to created and compel the use of vaccines whose composition, side effects and hazards are not only unknown, but would be kept permanently hidden from the public.

Let them know that you will not tolerate the loss of compensation for harm and the loss of a trial by a jury of your peers to determine the nature and extent of any such harm to you or your loved ones and that a vote for these bills -- or others like them -- is completely unacceptable if the member of Congress wants to stand for re-election.

Make no mistake about it: Bird flu vaccines do not exist and cannot exist for some 6-18 months. Whatever you are vaccinated with will be experimental and therefore dangerous. With no liability to deter them, the vaccine makers can try anything they want or use any shoddy techniques they like and you cannot claim any harm has been done to you for the purposes of compensation. Not only that, the contents of these forced vaccinations for who-knows-what are secret! So whether the vaccines contain

Stealth viruses (which many now do)
Squalene (a major threat to life and health as many a Gulf War Veteran knows to his/her endless distress)
Aluminum or other known toxins
Live viruses which should have been killed or
Other contaminants,

not only will you never know, you can be forced to submit to vaccination and accept whatever comes next.
The issue here is two fold: your health and your health freedom.

Would it shock you to know that serious scientists question the very premise of public health through vaccination? That the sacred cow of “herd immunity” (diseases go away because all of us have been vaccinated) is not very good science and, because of the dangers of vaccines, terrible medicine?

Vaccination is neither effective nor safe although we have been told that both are true for so long that their effectiveness and safety seems self-evident. The truth, however, is far more disquieting. And for untested vaccines, the story is worse. Much worse. Here are some sites to which you can go to get in-depth information about this troubling question:

Vaccination Information and Choice Network
Vaccine Dangers
Vaccination Dangers
Deep Down Wellness
The Vaccine Page
National Vaccine Information Center
Even if you believe in vaccines for you and yours, the idea of a compulsory vaccine program administered by a secret agency with zero accountability to you and the same legal liability for the companies who make potentially lethal injections (zero once again) is a major threat to your liberty and mine. I urge you to take action and ask your circle of influence to do the same.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Nov 10th: Hold Shell Accountable for its crimes in Nigeria

On November 10th, 2005, stand with the Ogoni people in remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa. Gather with friends, and organize a peaceful vigil at your nearest Shell station, Nigerian embassy, or anywhere you feel it appropriate to pause and remember Saro-Wiwa.

Ten years ago, on November 10th, 1995, internationally renowned author and human rights and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other men were hanged in Nigeria. Arrested and held for months without charges, tortured while under detention, and sentenced to death by a “Special Military Tribunal” convened in violation of international law, these people were executed for their peaceful efforts to defend the indigenous Ogoni people of Nigeria from abuses caused by oil extraction activities of Shell Nigeria.

Ten years later, despite facts that tie Shell to the executions and to the continuing abuse of the Ogoni people, Shell still denies culpability. Shell is still drilling for oil in Nigeria, and more of it goes to the United States than anywhere else.

If you want, we'll help you with everything you need to plan your event, including email invitations, an action kit with temporary tattoos to distribute and wear on November 10th, and ideas for how to plan a vigil at your nearest Shell station, Nigerian embassy, or even at home.

The Ogoni are not forgotten. As thousands of people around the world pause on November 10 to recall their sacrifice, we all redouble our efforts to aid those Ogoni still at home, and all oil affected communities. The justice that Saro-Wiwa sought is still elusive, but his vision is now shared by millions. They can't hang us all.

In Remembrance: Baribor Bera, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbokoo, Barinem Kiobel, John Kpuinen, Paul Levura, Felix Nuate and Ken Saro-Wiwa. In Solidarity: Activists in prison or under detention and duress in Ogoni, in Nigeria, and around the world.

Visit to get involved, to hold an action, or join one!

Note - if you live near me there is a protest going on in our area so check out the site