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Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From Cell Phones EMFs

How to Protect Yourself and
Your Family From Cell Phones EMFs

Cell Phone Radiation Protection ChipHow Can Something That Looks Like This Protect You and Your Family from Cell Phone Radiation?

How Does It Work?

Simple Version

boiling water on the stove, the fire is high and the water is bubbling
away. If you were to stick your hand into the boiling water, you would
surely get burnt.

But..... if you kept adding cool water to
the pot, the water in the pot would be warm or even a little hot, but
you wouldn't get hurt.

Now... I'll bring this back to the Cell Phone Chip.

fire is your cell phone, the pot is your head, and the cell phone chip
is the water being added to the pot keeping your head cooler.

More Complex Version

Biopro Chip is a made of a high tech polymer, that, when struck by your
cell phone's high technology wave (microwave - high frequency) causes
the polymer inside the chip to vibrate at a low frequency. It looks
like this:

Placing a low frequency (Cell Chip)

Low frequency from Biopro Cell Chip

over a high frequency cell phone transmition.

Hot high frequency from the cell phone transmition.

Actually cools the hot radio frequency. It looks like this:

Cooling Biopro chip frequency over the hot cell phone frequency.

This system of placing a low freqency over a high freqency is called MRET, or Molecular Resonance Effect Technology.

Certificate of US PatentBiopro is the only company to receive a US Patent for this type of product, known as noise field nano-techology.

If it didn't work, they wouldn't have the patent. Patent Information.

is a proprietary technology which was granted the US Patent No. 6369399
in April 2002 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
The patent was issued for "Electromagnetic Radiation Material and

These independent labs around the world verified that MRET works.

    Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA
    SI Biomedical Instrumentation Co., San Diego, USA
    Tex Chu Corp. Laboratory, Taipei, Taiwan
    Research Institute for Applied Bioenergetics, USA
    RF Exposure Laboratory, USA

    Elsys Scientific Corp., S. Petersburg, Russia
    Elixir Health Ltd., Singapore

You've seen how it works....

You've seen that the techology is proven....

But you want more.......

Here is what your head would look like after 15 minutes on a mobile phone without any protection.

Picture of thermograph of head with 15 minutes of exposure to cell phone radiation.

is what your head would look like after 15 minutes on your cell phone
using the MRET technology on your cell phone(Biopro Chip).
Using the Cell phone chip to cool the head while talking on the cell phone for 15 minutes.

Ok......looks good, but you still want more.

Blood that is exposed to cell phone radiation looks like this:

Blood cells exposed to cell phone radiation.

They call this action clustering, which is a very bad thing.

If you use the Biopro Chip while using your cell phone, it would look like this.
Normal blood cells using the Biopro Chip.

OK.... this gets you thinking even more doesn't it. The above picture is near perfect blood cell activity.

you read the first framed space on the left (What can science show us
about cell phones), you already know the wire to your head, or the
Bluetooth are not going to be helping you much.

Now comes the easy part... You need one of these for every phone in your family.

How much for so much Protection?
Biopro Cell Chip US and Canada order button

Only $34.95 US per cell chip.

Click Here to Order!

2 packs available

for only $85.68 US

Biopro cell chipBiopro cell chip

A 4 pack to protect the family
Only $132.80 - US

Cell Chip Picture

Handsfree Air Tube headset for cell phones

Everyone Says to wear an ear piece.

But all ear pieces are not created equal.

Why is this one better than any other hands free wire?

OK... this is really important.

You've seen that your Bluetooth and your hands free wired ear piece may actually be worse for you than holding the phone to your head.

That is what wires do..... Those transmission towers that get the signal to you, are basically just big wires sending out the signals.

The Biopro head set separates your head from the wire, by placing a tube between your ear and the wire.

Headset speaker
tube is just like a stethoscope tube. There is a speaker in the black
triangular piece, which brings the conversation to your ear as clear as
a bell.

An extra benefit to this head set is that it also
incorporates the same (MRET) technology polymer into it as the cell
chip does.This prevents the cell phone radiation from reaching your
neck and head.

Now you really know you need one of these when you are driving or walking.

Protection from electro-magnetic radiation in your home, office, or car.

Actual size

Universal ChipThis Universal chip is for your :

    bedside clock
    car dash
    digital home phones
    and more

uses the same technology as the Cell Phone Chip, providing you extra
protection from your household electromagnetic radiation.

wife and I work in our office with 3 computers running. Before we
placed the chips on the computers and the monitors we could only work
for short periods of time without having to get away. We didn't know
how much stress the computers were causing us.

Now with the
Universal chips we work continuously without the stress . We are able
to focus and get our work done in much less time. If you have
employees, you really need to consider this.

You are exposed
to Electromagnetic radiation everywhere in our society. No one can
escape it. Everything you do to help make your environment more bio
freindly helps you enjoy each and every day more.

Order Now Without Delay!

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2 Universal Chips in a package.2 Pack

Only $83.00 US

Package of 6

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Package of six Biopro Universal Chips

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Package of 12 Biopro Universal Chips

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