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Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Line For The iPhone 5: Where Have All The Fanbois Gone?

P1010378Today I dropped off TC writer Romain Dillet at Apple's 5th Ave flagship store in New York City, where he'll be waiting in line for the iPhone 5. He'll be bringing you updates from the front lines all day, and through the night, until doors open tomorrow at 8am Eastern. But as I helped him get set up, I noticed something interesting. Everyone in line ? about two or three dozen of them at this point ? was wearing a branded T-shirt. And no, I don't mean Gucci, American Eagle, or Nike. I mean tech brands, like Vibe, Gazelle, and Otterbox. Aside from Romain, the only other folks in line are either buying the phone for their employer (and being paid to do so) or part of the Occupy Apple (or, more recognizably, Occupy Wall Street) movement. My question, then, is where have all the fanboys gone?



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