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Friday, August 31, 2012

Cinemagraphs (Animated Gifs) As Ads? Tumblr Experiments With New Advertising Format

tumblr_m9kmiv7jqz1qz4si8o1_1280GIF, a filetype that celebrated its 25th anniversary this past June (don't you feel old now?), won't die. And the animated GIF, in particular, has seen a notable�resurgence recently, as a newer, younger group of netizens rediscover its capabilities, posting GIFs to social networks, blogs and in fashion editorials. "Cinemagraph"-making apps became trendy, and Tumblr posts filled with animated GIFs ranging from the artsy to the humorous. But animated GIFs aren't just for fun anymore - Tumblr has turned them into a money-making tool. Yesterday, the company ran a sponsored animated GIF in its Tumblr Radar section, and not surprisingly, it was for fashion brand Calvin Klein. Yes, you read that right: cinemagraphs (animated GIFs), are Tumblr ads now.



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