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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Vibrant Media, The Company Behind Those In-Text Ads, Announces Lightbox Video Units

lightbox_secret (1)Vibrant Media is probably best-known for its in-text advertising, but it has been expanding its lineup of ad units. The latest edition is something it's calling Vibrant Lightbox Video. Vibrant already offered video ads, but a spokesperson tells me there are a number of new pieces here. For one thing, it's using Vibrant's Lightbox Image technology, which identifies "brand-safe" images, then overlays advertising on top of them ? in this case, a message asking users to hover over the image or click on it to watch a video. The ad can also be activated through in-text ads. Either way, there's a 3-2-1 countdown before the video starts, and the advertiser only pays if the viewer actually chooses to watch the video.



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