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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Horizons of Knowledge

Most of humans grow out of adolescence, adulthood, and die exposed to a very narrow set of censored information. This is done to keep us all productive, unquestioning, unrebellious drones. TV exists to dumb down the masses (except if you watch it from 2am-5am, infomercials and public access). There is only a small window of information that each of us have read and heard about - and much of this information is more "newsworthy" than Hurricane Katrina or September 11th. I recently had a nightmare about a whole bunch of crazy shit that the government and the President are doing in response to the media (and the public's) distraction with the Hurricane. It's amazing the internet isn't more censored than it is - it'll only be a matter of time. So I recommend turning the TV Off, skipping school a few days a week, and dealing with whatever ill-health-effects will be caused by hours and hours of sitting in front of the computer monitor:

The Most Important Independent News on Earth:

One particular thing I found scary is how our food is becoming increasing more radioactive (in the name of "safety")

Another - how the drug and pesticide companies are trying to control the world food supply. The end result will be the death of 3 billion people -

The Only Scarier Thing Than A Review Of What Humans Did So Far Is What They Can Do In The Future

What really happened on 9/11?

Who knows where this information will bring you in life? You could be murdered by an assasin when your 30 or be in a jail cell till your 85 or live on the other side of the planet or on a different planet...

We live in the matrix!!!

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